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The first step in repairing a problem is to acknowledge there is a problem

  The real reason Afghanistan was invaded: Vast mineral wealth Oct 17, 2011

  Trump Finds Reason for the U.S. to Remain in Afghanistan: Minerals / July 25, 2017

  Millions in Off-the-books cash was given to President Karzai of Afghanistan, why, was some pay-off for the vast mineral wealth in the previous articles?

  One has to wonder, was it incompetence or malfeasance; $28 Million Wasted on Afghan Uniforms only part of U.S. problem


It is amazing what can be overlooked when it come to the Love of Money


  Made In China, with American Technology - China Removed Secret Equipment From US Spy Plane (2001)

  IBM sells PC group (ThinkPad) to Lenovo (China) (2004)

  Microsoft develops Windows 10 version for China’s government (2017)

  In General Electric (G.E.) give-aways to ChinaGreed pays off big for the CEO  (2011)

  Chinese supremacy - Meet Your New Boss:  Buying Large Employers Will Enable China To Dominate 1000s Of U.S. Communities (2013)

  Even the Mouse Capitulated:  How China Won the Keys to Disney’s Magic Kingdom (2016)

  The Chinese Party Bosses do not care about you, “Tycoon behind Syngenta bid China's most aggressive dealmaker" (2016)


  Iran and the arrogance of the CIA drone wars; how can this possibly end well

  WOW Guess what; not ending well. Drone captured, drone reverse engineered Iran’s Growing Drone Threat Definitely SNAFU & FUBAR!

  Newly assertive CIA intensifies covert operations in Afghanistan


  Never read any article concerning the CIA that did not qualify as a SNAFU or FUBAR
  “The American people don’t mind if there are C.I.A. teams waging a covert war there.” Actually Some Of Us Do Mind


  A little background on North Korea:   The wiseguy regime,  The North Korean Connection,   Thousands of N Korean tunnelsRev. Moon, North Korea & the Bushes


  Russia Uses American Technology to Help Hide Submarines 1987

  Russia creating new nuclear missile system (2004)

  Moscow to Dallas in 32 minutes & we can't stop it 2013

  Putin says U.S. is "parasite" on global economy (2011) - I concur; to often Wall Street and Big Business epitomize parasitic tendencies’ example: Bolivia-Bechtel and The Water Wars

  US financial showdown with Russia is more dangerous than it looks 2014

  Does Russia really own around 20% of American Uranium Deposits 2015


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