Financial Insanity

Wake up America

A Gift from the Banks to Your grandkid's
The National (Credit Card) Debt will pass to Them


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  Did you know that if the government worked at paying down our debt at the rate of $100 every second of every minute of every hour of every day it would take 317 years to reach $1 Trillion ($1,000,000,000,000); currently we are $34,440,831,955,756.54 in debt, that's quite the mess we have left for the kids & grandkid's.


  The Bureau of Public Debt is a unit of the Department of Treasury, to visit the current government site for debt click here and for interest paid out, after clicking here go to bottom of government page.


We The Little People
our kids are about to get hosed

2.25% Interest rate on a 30 year plan

National Debt:       $ 28,500,000,000,000
Monthly payment:     $    108,940,140,000
Total Interest Paid: $ 10,718,450,090,000
Total Loan Payments: $ 39,218,450,090,000

4.5% Interest rate on a 30 year plan

National Debt:       $ 28,500,000,000,000
Monthly payment:     $    144,405,310,000
Total Interest Paid: $ 23,485,912,790,000
Total Loan Payments: $ 51,985,912,790,000

7% Interest rate on a 30 year plan

National Debt:       $ 28,500,000,000,000
Monthly payment:     $    189,611,210,000
Total Interest Paid: $ 39,760,036,010,000
Total Loan Payments: $ 68,260,036,010,000

Not making Payments; still maxing out the Credit Card


“Extraordinary Measures” on Debt
Just “Cook the Books”
Why be Disingenuous


From the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Extraordinary Measures
have become

Standard Operating Procedures


  Budget surplus must first go toward debt reduction; Jan 1998
  Our Government rules when it comes to cooking books; The Associated Press, July 2002
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  Sundown in America; March 30, 2013


  Social Security still has problems & insanity still rules in D.C.

  Social Security report buries crucial statistic; system is $34.2 trillion in the red; Seattle Times July 2017


  In the Bible is a section titled Proverbs, I prefer to look at it as the book of cause and effect, this book explains that when people make bad choices bad things happen; when one looks at the debt and what it’s going to take to repair the mess is basically the epitome of politicians (both the Asses and Elephants) making bad choices and the rest of getting to suffer the consequences of their actions.

  There are a large number of people who do not understand the correlation between debt and deficit, the definitions for those words have been included.

DEBT: how deep the hole is: the total amount of money that has been borrowed.
DEFICIT: how fast the hole is being dug: how much more the government has spent (like a credit card) during the year then the government has received.


(Debt History)


  Look at the national debt as if it were an ARM, (Adjustable Mortgage Rate) and we the people as the homeowner. When the Federal Reserve Bank raises the rates in the future our financial problems; because we are the homeowner with the ARM (Adjustable Mortgage Rate,) will become catastrophic.
  Doubling the interest rates on U.S. National Debt would raise that interest rate to 4.5% (currently 2.25%**); our interest payment for 2023 was $882,625,268,533.48, rendering the United States, financially, little more than a glorified third world country.


Stopping this runaway debt and interest serves the “Common Good”


  Was talking to a business major a while back who had never heard of Amortization schedules so went online to a mortgage calculator and ran the numbers using our National Debt.

Amortization schedule #1 $19.8 Trillion @ 2.25%

Debt Amount

$ 19,800,000,000,000


30 Years

Interest Rate


Monthly Payments


Total Payments

$ 27,244,800,380,000

Total Interest

$   7,446,500,000,000


Amortization schedule #2 $19.8 Trillion @ 4.5%


Debt Amount

$ 19,800,000,000,000


30 Years

Interest Rate


Monthly Payments


Total Payments

$ 36,115,200,000,000

Total Interest

$ 16,316,530,000,000


Would have been Monthly Payments

if we were paying down the Debt
not happening, we have borrowed

another $14.6 Trillion instead


We as a nation are in a bit of a bind.

  From 1945-1971, the period of the "gold exchange standard", the US fixed the dollar to gold at $35 an ounce. Doubling the price to $70 per oz equals a 100% increase; at $350 an oz that is a 1000% price increase.
  The total amount of gold owned by the U.S. Treasury is 261,498,926 ounces.
  For the United States to go back to the gold standard each ounce of gold that the Federal Government owns would have to be priced over $125,000 (June 2023) that would qualify as Hyper-Inflation; Leaving the gold standard in 1971 so that paper money without a standard could be printed to pay for the Vietnam War started the slide that let our elected officials in United States run up this disastrous National Debt.

  Just think of the repairs that could have been made to the roads, bridges, schools, national parks, Social Security (which will have to be paid back out of the general fund)… if we had not been forced by our elected officials to pay out over $16.031 Trillion interest (usury) on $34.4 Trillion National Debt since 1980.


**  The 2.25% listed above is the Treasury Department’s nominal Interest Rate, the averaging of 3-month T-bill, 6-month T-bill, 52-week T-bill, 2-year T-note, 5-year T-note, 10-year T-note, & 30-year T-bond.

  What happens if history repeats, During the last year of the Carter Presidency (1980) the Federal Reserve Bank pushed the Prime Rate to over 20%; on a $34 Trillion National Debt the Interest Payment would easily exceed $3 trillion per year.
  I realize that this is the United States and not Russia but on December 15, 2014 the interest rate in Russia increased to 17% effectually wrecking their economy.


Interest Rates Went Up



Citigroup Wrote the Wall Street Giveaway The House Just Approved

  A Bible search using lend*, borrow*, debt*, bribe*, and *justice* was performed using a computer (* is a wild card symbol when doing computer searches). If the Old Testament is any indication of what happens in the future, there should be a large number of Capital Hill employees (elected officials) working overtime to rectify the problems they manufactured because of the injustices that were created pandering to special interest groups and by writing unfunded feel good legislation.

That was then

Front page Seattle P.I.
Seattle P.I.
Associated Press
April 4, 1990

A cool $3 trillion: That’s a lot of 0’s the nation owes

  Washington - The national debt yesterday totaled more than $3 trillion for the first time in history, the Treasury Department reported yesterday.
  That’s $3,000,000,000,000. Count them: a three and 12 zeroes.
  A person counting a $1,000 bill each second would take 31 years just to reach $1 trillion.
  And when the nation debt reached $3 trillion, it meant that it would cost every man, woman and child $12,000 to pay it off.
  “The debt subject to limit did go over $3 trillion on Monday” confirmed Peter Hollenback, public affairs officer for the Treasury’s Bureau of Public Debt.
  The actual level of public debt subject to statutory limit at the end of the day was $3.023 trillion. That’s just $99.59 billion under the statutory limit of $3.123 trillion. The national debt stood at $2.989 trillion last Friday.
  Hollenback said that despite a growing number of income tax receipts at this time of year he expected the debt to continue to grow as long as the budget was not balanced.
  Congress enacted the current debt limit last November.
  The debt reached $1 billion in 1916 during World War I, climbing to $278 billion at the end of World War II.
  It reached its first trillion on Oct. 1, 1981 and rose to $2 trillion on April 3, 1986.
  The rapid growth in the debt is the result of the government’s huge deficits for the past decade. Democratic opponents often pointed to the fact that President Reagan ran up more public debt in his eight years in office than all his predecessors put together.
 The federal deficit has continued to grow since then and totaled $152.1 billion during the fiscal year ended Sept. 30.
  By the end of February, the deficit had reached $97.52 billion, just $2.48 billion less than the Gramm-Rudman deficit-reduction target for the entire year. Interest on the deficit during February totaled $17.32 billion and is expected to reach $254.85 billion for the year.
  Analysts have said the target for fiscal 1990 has all but been abandoned, with some suggesting the actual imbalance for the year will total $160 billion to $165 billion.


U.S. Treasury
(Figures in millions)
(Add 000,000 to each #)

Total public debt April 5, 1990


Statutory debt limit


Operating balance April 5


Interest fiscal 1990 thru Feb


Interest period fiscal 1989


Actual deficit fiscal 1989


Actual deficit fiscal 1988


Receipts fiscal 1990 thru Feb.


Receipts period fiscal 1989


Outlays fiscal 1990 thru Feb.


Outlays period fiscal 1989


Gold assets thru February